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    The founding section

    Russia after the October revolution victory, in 1917 to marxism spread across our country, after the "May 4th" patriotic movement, the first to accept marxism-leninism revolutionary intellectuals li dazhao, Chen duxiu, MAO zedong, dong and others, have established the communist group in around, propaganda marxism-leninism, engaged in the labor movement.Positive help in Lenin's leadership of the communist international, around July 1921 the communist group sent representatives to Shanghai held its first congress of the communist party of China.After being imperialist spy found that the meeting has shifted to south lake in jiaxing, zhejiang of a cruise ship to continue.Attend the meeting with li da, Li Hanjun, Zhang Guo boiled, Liu Renjing, dong, Chen Tanqiu, MAO zedong, shuheng, king beauty, Deng Enming, ch 'en kung-po, the monk, BaoHui Zhou Fohai, a total of 13 people, on behalf of the national 57 members from all walks of life attended the meeting.To attend the meeting and the communist international representative of the marin, international communist worker representatives Nichols base.Congress passed the party constitution, election Chen duxiu as general secretary of the communist party of China was founded.From then on, a completely new to communism in China for the purpose, with marxism-leninism as the guide, the unity of the working class party.
    Chinese communist party was founded in July 1921, due to the cruel struggle, for a long time have no condition organization unified activities to commemorate the birthday of the party.Until 1936, when the 15th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China, the one big party comrade Chen Tanqiu in Moscow communist international magazine published by the seventh volume, published the memories of the first congress ", for the birth of the party's memorial.This is one of the earliest memory of the communist party of China party article.This article is based on the specific month of a large opening, rather than with a large opening on the basis of the specific date.

    On July 1, as the Chinese communist party's birthday, was put forward by comrade MAO zedong in May 1938.At that time, MAO zedong proposed in the article "on protracted war", "July 1 this year, is a party to establish the 17th anniversary of the communist party of China".This is the first time the central leading comrades clearly put forward "July 1" is the party's birth day.

    During the Anti-Japanese War, because the environment is difficult, can't check record "a" at the accurate date (after textual research, it is concluded that "a" at the time of July 23, 1921), so in 1941, the CPC central committee decided to hold the "a" to determine the July 1921 as the first day is on July 1, birthdays and anniversaries.

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