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    Youth day

    The May 4th youth day, is a memorial on May 4, 1919 outbreaks of the may fourth movement and set up.It comes from China's anti-imperialist patriotic "the may fourth movement" in 1919.In 1939, the shensi-kansu-ningsia border region northwest youth national salvation association rules on May 4 youth day in China.In December of 1949, China's special authorization of the central people's government officially announced on May 4 youth day in China.During youth day, China will be held as rich commemorative activities, as young people need to focus on various social volunteer activities and social practice, there are many places for the adult ceremony during youth day. 
    On November 11, 1918, the last 4 years of the first world war in Britain, the United States, France and other countries win and Germany, the failure and come to an end.

    On April 24, 1919, liang qichao from Paris, called the national council on foreign relations: "in Germany, smell to Qingdao directly Japan, because of the day to strive for results, Britain and France for the move. If I confess this, would add a rope tied, please warned the government and the citizens, berate each full (representative), don't sign, in a show of determination."

    April 29-30, Anglo-American law countries 3 delegates to the Paris peace conference meeting, Japanese representatives were invited to attend and agreed the terms of the Versailles treaty about shandong (article 157, 157, 158), to assign German rights in shandong province in the grab by Japan. 

    On May 1, the Chinese negotiators, diplomatic chief Lou tseng-tsiang will advise the government in Beijing, said that if not signing, to withdraw waste consular jurisdiction, cancel the boxer indemnity, negative duties independently and compensate for the losses and so on.Beijing's foreign relations committee (think-tank presidential palace held an emergency meeting, decided not to sign up.Shanghai Chinese newspaper "communication" in Beijing said: "the government calls the Chinese delegation in Paris, said about the return of jiaozhou loan foreign war against Japan, has failed." 
    On May 2, the Beijing government to cables to inform the representative of China can be signed in Paris.Long Lin Changmin committee affairs in the Shanghai morning post, an article in the national gazette: "shandong wu yi, states will not state, may figure of forty thousand peoples fiercely."Pku President CAI yuanpei diplomatic failure reporting to students. 

    On May 3, Beijing from all walks of life emergency consultations countermeasures.Peking University students on the night of the student conference in north riverside law department of Peking University hall, were invited to Beijing more than 13 secondary school representatives, general assembly decided to 4 (Sunday) held a demonstration, location: tiananmen square.

    At 10 am on May 4th, the schools student representatives at thammasat school held a meeting, agreed on the parade route.Some students prepare to violence and it punishes kleptocratic write the note.At 1 PM, Beijing students more than 3000 people gathered from all directions in tiananmen square, the scene "also I Qingdao" bloodletter suspension pku students.After a brief rally speech, team to the embassy district.To the willow road west, get on the block, students then elected representatives request to meet with 4 make frenzy.Only accepted student's address book, the U.S. embassy in Britain and Italy embassy minister is not refuse to accept it.More than 3000 students in the hot sun sun for two hours, see embassy district cannot pass, more indignation, full team to zhaojialou community Cao Rulin housing.Students, while the propaganda, "many people see tears, many western people see hat, and a number of patrol also tears".(the weekly review on May 11, 1919) at 4 PM, students flocked to Cao Zhai before.Beijing college students mathematical department quantico alternate first to jump into curtilage inside and open the zhaimen, student group, beat up is China's envoy to day ZhangZongXiang Cao Zhai.Students search Cao Rulin not, angry, in 4 around anger burned his house.After the police arrived, searching for students, those arrested a total of 32 people.

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