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    The summer solstice

    The 7th century BC, ancestors adopting soil, the shadow, is the summer solstice is determined.The annual summer solstice on June 21st (or 22nd), to the end of the July 7 or 8.According to "obey the constitution of codex" : "the day is to the north, to long, it is short and, therefore, the summer solstice. To the person, also."Summer solstice day, the sun on the ground in the extreme north of the year, almost direct the tropic of cancer (north latitude 23 ° 26 \ '), in the northern hemisphere the day to achieve the longest, and the more the longer day north.Such as hainan haikou city day a little more than about 13 hours long day, and for 14 hours of hangzhou, Beijing, about 15 hours while at mohe heilongjiang province can reach more than 17 hours.After the summer solstice, the sun beating down the location of the ground gradually moved south, in the northern hemisphere daylight is shortened.The folk has "eaten the summer solstice, one day a short line".During the winter when the southern hemisphere.

    In ancient China the summer solstice is divided into three hou, "a hou antlers solution; the second HouChan beginning sound; three hou pinellia."Mi deer is belong to the same family, but the ancients thought, both belong to Yin and Yang.Deer horn at the former life, so to Yang.The summer solstice, Yin qi beginning and sun be the spirit failure so positive antlers began to fall off.Due to the Yin and mi, Angle to fall off during the winter solstice;Males were born after the summer solstice for feeling of Yin qi tolls and wings;Pinellia tuber is a kind of xi Yin herbs, because in the midsummer of marsh so its name or in the paddy field was born.Thus, in the hot summer, some biological and shade, while positive biological began to decline

    Our country folk to 15 days after the summer solstice is divided into three "when", general head three days, five days, at the end of 7 days.During this period our country most parts of the temperature is higher, sunny, crop growth quickly, physiological and ecological water requirement are more.At this time of the precipitation had a great influence on agricultural production, "the summer solstice raindrop value daughter".General years, then the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river region and huanghuai area precipitation generally can meet the requirement of crop growth.Jingchu age "to remember:" rain there will be three in June, family thought GanZe, phase in the city."Can be seen in more than 1000 years ago people have the knowledge of the rainfall characteristics have clear.

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