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    The May 1st Labour Day holiday

    This festival originated from the workers’strike of Chicago. On May 1st 1886, more than 200 thousand workers in Chicagohold a strike for practicing eight-hour day. They finally achieved victorythrough hard struggle. To commemorate this workers' movement, a socialistcongress organized by Marxist social activists was grandly convened in Paris onJuly 14 1889.
    During the conference, delegates agreed: set May 1st as aninternational proletarian common festival. The world workers all made activeresponse. On May 1st 1890, working class of European and American countriesheld grand demonstrations and rallies on streets, fighting for their legalrights. From then on, Labor people of the whole world would hold assemblies andprocessions to celebrate May Day.

    The Chinese people celebrate the Labor Dayactivities can dates back to 1918. In that year, some progressive intellectualsdistributed handbills to introduce May 1st Labor Day in Shanghai, Suzhou andsome other places. Then on May 1st 1920, some workers in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and other industrial cities gave a large-scale congregation andparade. After the foundation of the PRC, the central government set May 1st asa statutory festival in December 1949.

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