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    70thAnniversary of victory of anti-Japanese war

     In September, 1940, 1940 regiment campaign to enter the second stage.I the eighth route army 385 brigades deployed by the head of the column, prepare took the tube head stronghold.Then the artillery battalion, director of the Zhao Zhangcheng were ordered to lead a mortar even fight.On 23 September 23, when I attack forces quickly surrounded the enemy stronghold.Battle after launch, first by mortars to shoot, I count all rounds, from hitting their targets.But with a strong enemy fortifications and had not been destroyed.
      Shells were played pretty good, but it was difficult to body count, whereas I infantry soldiers under the heavy fire of the enemy hidden fire, the hordes.Zhao Zhangcheng see in the eye, the in the mind as a heavy stone.Him squirm, even dream of thinking about a problem: how to get the enemy to draw from the fortifications, exposing the enemy in my under fire, and then to kill it?
    Late one night, Zhao Zhangcheng finally have a way.He wants to use "pepper shell" leads to the enemy.Zhao Zhangcheng turn jumped out of bed, wake up, all company documents and Courier to tools.A few people began to modified weapons overnight.They are part of the explosive in the mortar pouring and crushed the pepper noodles, installs, fuse on reload.A few hours after the busy, 20 of strange "shells" pepper is made.
     On September 26th, our army attack on the tube head positions again.Zhao Zhangcheng artillery positions set in the 150 meters away from the enemy, in order to improve the shooting speed as soon as possible.Mortar attack began, the entire company 4 shoot at the same time, still with ordinary of enemy artillery fire preparation in the first place, clearing the stronghold on the outskirts of obstacles.Stronghold of the enemy with "the tortoise shell" continue to fight.
     Just get carried away when the enemy, Zhao Zhangcheng issued password: "pepper shell loading -!"And saw a have a "pepper shell" flew to the uneven, exploded around the enemy bunker.Thick strong pungent smell into enemy fort, makes the enemy unbearable.Because don't know what our troops used the "new weapon", the enemy even rolling and crawling are abandoned fort to flee.I attack troops seize the favorable opportunity quickly dashed forward, will be exposed to the enemy of every fighters Peiping occupation by the Japanese aggressors, jingxi area then became the base of the devil, but in the west bank of the yongding river old eight area (the wan ping county), a small guerrilla units were active, the number was small, the base area in the monastery, the spirit of water area, range has reached the edge of the yongding river dam house, the land of rice and hou zhuang zi.
     Small guerrilla units at the time but do a lot of great things.Players in disguise to hedong snooping the Japanese aggressors, and the valley village have contacted Korea x, wang x, at the same time, learn ma meiyukou Liu Jingxuan bridge elementary school teacher is eight area, and got in touch with him.Against the devil make of "sino-japanese goodwill", "greater east Asia co-prosperity sphere" intends to enslave the invasion of the Chinese people's thoughts, such as propaganda, the guerrillas on anti-japanese propaganda,) reveal the enemy invasion conspiracy of propaganda materials, please teacher liu help signet, at that time, liu all night, such as under a dim lamp, under the guise of test paper of engraving engraving materials.These materials by guerrilla secret again take, distributed into the hands of the people.
    At that time, ruthlessness in build blockhouses ma meiyukou, small guerrilla units Also teach people struggle with devil ably, not output "work", made a lot of propaganda work, at work, the villagers all loafing on the job, the promotion effect of the guerrillas and got the good play.Also produces a lot of resistance during the story.
     The guerrillas qiao catch devil officer
     After ma meiyukou village thing two bunkers repair, although there are day and night GuiZiBing safeguarded, but also stand in the villagers under the cover of the guerrillas hedong hexi freely.The Japanese aggressors in its both a military garrison and make the "serial bao-jia system" under the condition of thought foolproof, it literally travel in yongding river east village.
     What does not know in the anti-japanese sentiment of the village, and people, the guerrillas have into one, at the same time, the fields popping up on the streets.One afternoon (circle), a chrysanthemum the sergeant and a spy from the river called Bai Lianbi bunker down and went to the bartender ccba, the villagers saw immediately informed of guerrilla captain ma meiyukou village Du Gang and li ying.Two people back dosser quickly, with little HaoChu weeding, disguised as farmers, following the enemy behind.When the devils and spy went to the ma meiyukou south "budo temple", Du Gang captain from behind with no small HaoChu resisted the devil chrysanthemum the waist, make its hands to disarm, comrade li ying striding ran past the spy Bai Lianbi pistol.Grab a devil and spy, detain them in progress in the village households.The next day, under the cover of people working in crossing the river, the enemy escorted to hexi guerrilla base areas.
    Matter in two days devil found chrysanthemum and Bai Lianbi missing, then sent the army into villages, they got the people together to ask, everyone says "don't know, also don't see there is a Japanese officer with a Chinese".Helpless Japan finally have to go away.
     Capture the enemy translator
     1943 chun xia intersect one afternoon, pan (devil's interpreter in devils uniforms, wearing a devil cattle fur cap, and at the foot of a pair of black leather riding boots, riding a bicycle to ma meiyukou village, to find BaoChang x, wang bao ccba took him to a somebody else took opium smoking opium, ride back to ccba.Guerrillas arrangement of villagers found the pan of xx's whereabouts, immediately reported to the guerrillas of xinghai comrade.
     In the afternoon, when the sun go down, the Japanese translation officer to ride a bike out of the east to big screen, is hidden in the guerrillas after screen with river stone hit, pan x could reaction, was caught by guerrillas, and took his pistol, back to the "safe", in the farmer's clothes are escorted to the hexi.The next day, the Japanese devils to ma meiyukou village, all the people on the west, a place called "west of for" temporary to north street Yang son-in-law hit when translation, translator missing things, let everybody to report, they all don't know the translation officer, "and I don't know him, supported puppet BaoChang said he has back in the afternoon when the sun goes down.The enemy cannot had to forget about it.
    Rifle hit the plane
     Rifle hit plane, sounds is a myth, but it is proclaimed in the day the anti-japanese base areas monastery in sichuan section of the fight against the Japanese aggressors.
     One day in October 1939, I have a day anti-japanese base areas is into ten groups north vallely monastery in sichuan and the tea-house yongding river mouth do battle with the Japanese.'s foray into hidden in the mountains near the river occupy vantage ground against the enemy of the invasion, the Japanese prostrate in river bare the floodplain, target exposed.After fighting began, on the surface, the floodplain Japanese carcasses littering, casualties is very large.Unwilling failure of the enemy, out in the sun go down aircraft, air superiority to curb pretty into fire, come back.

     Head by enemy planes flying in and abroad, and recklessly on the enemy's trap.Look at the hands of the top is not now rifle, the soldiers clenched fist spit out the flames of hatred in his eyes.Enemy planes over the closure position alternately circling and subduction, the soldiers of weapons and equipment with the enemy disparity is too big, if a spell with the enemy fire must be cheated.The ground when the Japanese get air support, return again to the forced closure position, is very urgent.
     At that time, ten of Xu Cunyang 20 soldiers were ordered to reinforce such as closure by soldiers.Xu Cunyang and comrades quickly hidden well, waiting for the fight time.His observation found that due to the north positions in the valley, the enemy bomb bomb must be as close as possible to the ground, keeping to pose a threat to ground.Enemy planes swooped down, therefore, when the distance is very close to the ground, as if just wipe the ears to fly on the soldiers.And subduction, the enemy will have to quickly pull litre, or it will hit the rocks computer crash.Enemy planes can't continuous bombing, damage is reduced a lot.Get such a conclusion, with several Xu Cunyang soul.
     Xu Cunyang found a tree not far away, while the enemy lift the gap quickly ran to the tree of good concealment, stay when approaching enemy aircraft dive, he ceng to flash their body, lift up the hands of the soviet-made water even note rifle "pa" is a gun.Enemy planes wings a shake, straight to Xu Cunyang hiding tree, cross, the shuttle bullet "click clicking" sparks on the stone.Xu Cunyang tactfully in 18 roll, hiding behind a big rock.Passing 18-wheeler, while the enemy still didn't manage to pull litre breathing Xu Cunyang is a gun pointed up at the enemy aircraft.This gun, small Japan plane't now, I saw the plane around and, dragging a long tail of black smoke, a dive firm in tower ridge ditch.The soldiers exulted.I'm afraid I don't believe that the Japanese pilots to death, their planes will be very ordinary rifles into the warrior to play down.
     Quite into the soldiers with Xu Cunyang rifles lay the Japanese news, soon in the day the anti-japanese base area declare, inspiring the anti-japanese army and people more tenacious fight against the Japanese imperialists.

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