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    Summer begins

    In 2014 the beginning of time: on May 5, 21:59:25, according to the lunar calendar (big) 7th April 2014.
    In 2015 the beginning of time: on May 6, 2015 03:52:35, lunar March 2015 (small) 18.
    From next summer begins here
    The beginning is what mean
    The Beginning English translation: the Beginning of Summer
    The beginning is the beginning of the summer.

    Summer begins, dou refers to the southeast.The longitude of 45 °.Is the beginning of summer into the summer, from now on, all strong power.Habits on the summer begins as a significant rise in temperature, hot summer will face, the storm increased, the growth of the crops into the season one of the most important solar terms.
    Summer begins three hou
    Cricket darkthrone wong: can hear now is now in the blare of the field.
    Earthworms out: see earthworms digging.
    King wang melon, melon vines grow began climbing quickly.
    Summer begins to introduce

    Of summer, as the name implies, is refers to the summer.However, across different changes in temperature, summer time in fact is not consistent.Click on climatology for five days the average temperature is higher than 22 ℃ for the standard of summer, before and after the summer begins, stepped into summer in southern sichuan basin;Basin, the temperature is 20 ℃ or so the rest of the region, is still in the "no one asked the fallen petal, outside the woods rising time tianya" spring season;While sichuan southwest low altitude valley in the early middle of April that feeling in hot summer, summer begins when the temperature reached 24 ℃ above, is the hot summer.The study of summer has "electricity".But in terms of sichuan, and even in the basin, northwest ray at the beginning of the night, the thunderstorm began in the middle of April, all the year round, "electricity" and do not need to wait until summer begins.After the summer begins, critical period of water requirement of basin middle-season rice ZaiCha large area, the heavy rain coming back late and the amount of rainfall, and closely related to agricultural production.At this point it doesn't rain larger such as, the water irrigation farmland rake ZaiYang cannot pear., according to climate data for many years, on average, the rain began, eastern basin in late April, and the central in five months, in late western in late may.May southeast basin between 100 and 200 mm of rainfall, the northwest is 75 to 100 meters.Central basin in the west, because of the heavy rain started late, less rainfall, often have Xia Han outcrop.This period of time, as the basin doing harvest crops, planting crops planted DaChun, paying special attention to changeable weather.Sunny days to rush in the harvest in time, rainy days should grasp ZaiCha, sounds the weather must be wary of doing harvest bud, mildew, and resistance of BaoMiao, alert below 20 ℃ low temperature harm to rice.
    What day is the beginning

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