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    Merry Christmas

     It is said that Jesus is as conceived by the holy spirit, born of the virgin Mary.More god sent messengers garber spoke to Joseph in a dream, don't she told him not to because Mary becoming pregnant out of wedlock, but want to marry with her, put the child called "Jesus", means to save his people from their SINS..

     When Mary was going to give birth, the Roman government under the command, all the people must declare to Bethlehem residence.Joseph and Mary had to obey.When they reached Bethlehem, it's already faint, but two people cross the host failed to find the hotel, only a stable can stay.At that moment, Jesus was born.So only in the manger, Mary gave birth to Jesus.Later generations to commemorate the birth of Jesus, is on December 25th is Christmas day, mass every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

     At the beginning of the 4th century, January 6 is the Roman empire in the eastern churches to commemorate Jesus' birth and baptism of the double festival, known as "Epiphany" (Epiphany), also known as "Epiphany", namely god through Jesus shown themselves.When cold is the only way to pull in the church of the exception, there to mark the 5th anniversary of the birth of Jesus and not only the baptism of Jesus.Historians in the Roman christians after found in conventional calendar on December 25, 354 AD pages records: "Christ is born in Bethlehem of judah."Studies, December 25, companion for Christmas are thought to be started in 336 AD, the Roman church in A.D. 375 years spread to Asia minor to Antioch, AD 430 spread to Alexandria in Egypt, in the way of Salem church to accept the most late, but the Armenian church is still adhere to January 6 Epiphany is the birthday of Jesus..

     On December 25 Japan is Persian sun god, the god of light), the birthday of Mithra (Mithra) was a pagan holiday, at the same time, the sun god is also one of Rome: the gods congregation.This day is the Roman almanac winter festival, worship the sun god of the pagans to this day as the spring of hope, the beginning of all things recovery.Based on this reason, the Roman church choose this day as Christmas.This is the beginning of the church to the pagan customs of one of the measures.Most later, although the church to December 25 for Christmas, but the almanac of different solid around the church used, the date cannot be unified, and then put on December 24, to the next year on January 6, a Christmas feast (Christmas Tide), around the church can according to local specific circumstances in this paragraph within feast celebrating Christmas.Since December 25 was recognized as most church after Christmas, turned out to January 6 Epiphany only Jesus baptized, January 6, but the Catholic church and as "the three Kings to section", to commemorate the east when Jesus was born three Kings (namely three Dr) to the story of pilgrimage.As Christianity spread, Christmas has become each sect of christians, even an important festival of the broad masses non-christians.

     In the fourth century, Nicholas was born in Asia minor and major city, rich family, parents are
    Very enthusiastic catholics, unfortunately his parents early death.Nicholas grew up later, the rich property, all contribute to poor poor man, he was becoming a monk monk, devoted to the church, life-long service for the society.Nicholas was made a priest, but also rise.His life, and do a lot of charity work, he most likes to help the poor in secret, Santa Claus is he later known as, the name is from his secret money, help the story of three girls.

     Is considered after the death of saint Nicholas, who was a wearing red and white beard old man wearing a red hat.Christmas he drove on the sleigh pulled by a deer from the north, the chimney into the home, put Christmas gifts in the socks hanging in front of the children's head of a bed or on the stove.

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