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    On April 20, 2015 is the lunar March 2nd, the day is the grain rain in the 24 solar terms.In every year on this day, one of the country's largest DongZhai - ZhaoXing hold traditional folk activities, grain rain festival celebrations.

    Grain rain day in dong language called "fade if abortion nun pull", meaning "eat umea, sowing rice", is the farming season tips and cattle farming work respect, and a unique expression of love, is the mass in the breeding of one thousand dong for traditional farming culture and the meaning of marriage customs reflected, spread in liping ZhaoXing, dragons have south dong area, floor, etc.Grain rain day, ZhaoXing umea every family need to do meal, umea rice is made of wild beat beats rotten leaves, after filtering out the juice soak glutinous rice, steamed, reoccupy barrel of umea rice sweet taste and unique.

    According to "liping government record", the traditional customs from the Ming dynasty wanli, stretches to nearly 500 years.Grain rain that night, ZhaoXing DongZhai has been engaged groom, will take a lot of umea rice to send to the family as a betrothal gift, the family will be sent to all friends and relatives, in order to show the female is about to get married.And once with the female song sit on young men will be rushing to girl's house door, threw rice with the bamboo basket to the girls home, such as the girl full of umea meal, low head inside to get again, to show the girl is going to marry after attachment and blessing.

    Liping dong state-level scenic spot
    Qian GuiXiang three provinces border region for dong main distribution area, guizhou province is located in the southeast corner, bordering on guangxi guilin and huaihua.71 kilometers from the county seat from liping ZhaoXing in the center of the dong community has geographical conditions, combined with the dong folk culture, to concentrated expression in the local architectural style, make it become the center of the folk culture of dong.

    In western tourists mind, ethnic minority areas in southwest China has two unique national culture and characteristics of abnormal highlight of tourism resources, is the lijiang prefecture in yunnan and guizhou miao and dong autonomous prefecture of minority nationality amorous feelings.If I found the magic ZhaoXing dong amorous feelings can be comparable to lijiang, ZhaoXing must be residents of guangdong province and a preferred travel destination.

    Miao and dong autonomous prefecture, as one of the biggest Chinese miao, dong minority culture area, it has a unique status and unique ethnic customs, and dong mass to meet center in China, must belong to ZhaoXing;Second, the largest domestic DongZhai drum tower building community is located in the area, dong building layout is clever, flower bridge, drum tower, and streams, the diaojiao building, as long as the place oneself among them, will stop to grow.

    Province area is given priority to with mountain, ZhaoXing DongZhai at a long and narrow valley, dong intensive construction, form the layout of the rare style.Local farming terraces along the landform of more, often for the cloud.In the spring, the rape open season, scenery attractive.

    Also like the drum tower famous dong songs, and forms and unique characteristics of the dong culture.Dong songs for many people the minute parts no instruments chorus singing without professional training, only by naturally sensitive to music, to express the emotions of life.When dozens of people chorus, treble, bass, can be mixed sound, the harmony, antiphonal singing, coloratura singing developed to get incisively and vividly, is put up.In 2009 was included in the "world intangible cultural heritage", also the only one in guizhou a "world intangible cultural heritage"!

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