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    Grain full

     Grain full in our history had a custom, called the three cars, three car, which is called water wheel, bullock carts and silk.

     What call the lr mills, legend "lr" for the white dragon, farmhouse in front of the traffic on the CheJi buy fish, incense of worship, such as special as offerings in the whitewater one cup, poured into the fields, when offering a wish water chung mong implication.More ancient customs show the farmers to the attention of the water conservancy irrigation and drainage.

     Jiangnan area has "the grain full move three car".It is a summary of jiangnan grain full crop image.The so-called "three car" namely, water wheel, spinning wheel, a gasoline.In the farmer's saying, the people with "full" refers to the abundance of the rain, grain full of jiangnan early rice fertilizer, rice planting season, if the field is not filled with water storage, can cause Tian Kan weather-shack, planting, affect crop harvest.So the drought year, people will consider early, artful arrangement, drive pumps irrigation paddy field by human or animal.Walking at the edge of the remote jiangnan town paddy field in the past, often covered her eyes to see the buffalo disk drive the rotation of the water wheel wooden keel water carry water, or human feet alternately treadmill carry water.

     Grain full section generation for the silkworm god's birthday, so on this day, in sericulture in China, is in jiangsu and zhejiang area is also very busy.Grain full day in early summer, cocoon forming, was picking filature, planted mulberry sericulture is the traditional jiangnan rural sideline, silkworm body is a treasure, and the source of villagers home food, for it's full of expect gratitude.So this festival is full of rich folk customs of silk.

     According to records, the qing daoguang seven years (1827 years), jiangnan history.the silkworm silk industry ccba built the temple, the temple in specially built the summer, side set load floor (the equivalent of the theater box), set bottom slab square theatre can hold ten thousand people.Grain full funded by industry ccba, three days before and after the feast, please every class opera on the stage, but also have a taboo industry, acting that cannot be performed with an illegitimate child and the plot of the dead operas, because of "private" and "death" are "silk" homophonic, so three days to play to the repertory is silk industry ccba board door repeatedly considers the auspicious, the focal point for good luck.

     Grain full throttle the seas around Taiwan changhua captures the black butterfish, northeast and southern waters of suao can capture the flying fish.Of kaohsiung county qishan, meinung, banana has entered the season.Taiwan is famous banana producers, every year there are a lot of banana export to all over the world.

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