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    Father's day

    In 1909, living in the United States, Washington Spokane (Spokane) of Ms. Du De (Mrs. Dodd, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd), when she was attending the main church on Mother's Day, held weeks later, Ms. Du De mind a the deep feelings, and she thought about: "Why in this world do not have a festival to commemorate his father do?" Ms. Du De's mother died when she was 13-year-old year, left six children; Ms. Du De's, Mr. William Smart (Mr. William Smart), in the United States, a country in eastern Washington state farms, alone, the father and mother raising six children grown up level. Mr. Smart participated in the American Civil War, feats advertised, after the death of his wife, determined to no longer Xu Xian and devote herself brought up six children. Ms. Du De eldest, is the only girl at home. Characteristics of women carefully, so that she could better understand the father's hard work; Mr. Smart to work hard during the day, go home at night but also take care of home with each child's lives. After decades of hard work has finally grown up sons and daughters, when their children look forward to a good old age make the occasion, Mr. Smart, Mr. Smart, but because of the long years of over-exertion and the sick died.

    1909 That year, exactly, Mr. Smarr's death, when Ms. Du De attending church, Mother's Day Thanksgiving weeks later, she missed particular father; Until then, Du Defu people understand that her father in the upbringing of children during the pay love and efforts, and no less than any one of the mother's hard work. Ms. Du De her feelings to tell the Church Rasmus (Rev. Rasmus), she hoped to have a special day, to pay tribute to the great, Mr. Smart, and can the whole world to commemorate the great father. Rasmus, after listening to the story, Mr. Smart, Mr. Smart deeply touched by the spirit and the love that he praised and supported Ms. Du De would like to promote the "Father's Day" efforts. So Ms. Du De spring in 1910 began promoting the establishment of Father's Day campaign, and soon received the support of various church organizations; She then wrote a letter to the mayor and the state government to express their ideas and proposed that the combined efforts of Ms. Du De, the Spokane mayor and governor of Washington state in favor of the public, so the U.S. will be in Washington June 19, 1910, held the world's first Father's Day gathering.

    In 1924, the United States Calvin Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge) support for Father's Day become a holiday throughout the United States; in 1966, President Johnson (Lyndon Johnson) announced in June that year the first three Sundays, that is, Mr. Smart's birthday month Father's Day for the United States; 1972, U.S. President Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon) signed the official documents, will be the third Sunday in June each year, set for Father's Day throughout the United States and become a permanent state-designated the anniversary of the United States. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson (Lyndon Johnson) signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third year in June as Father's Day Sunday. Father's Day has become not only his father, as well as words

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