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    Children's day

     In November 1949, the international democratic women's federation directors meeting in Moscow, China and the delegates angrily revealed the imperialists and reactionaries kill and poison children's crimes.In order to protect the world children's right to life and health right and the right to education, in order to improve children's lives, meeting decided to annual June 1 is international children's day.

     Prior to that, many countries in the world have children's day.In 1925, the council for the promotion of international child happy children's day initiative, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and other countries responded positively, has established its national children's day, the gauge (July 14 for the children's day each year, the provisions for the children's day on May 1st. Japanese children's day is very special, men's and women's children's day, men and children's day on May 5, the female children's day on March 3. In 1931, our country has rules for Chinese children's day on April 4th.

     Since established in 1949 after June 1 is international children's day, all over the world have abolished the original children's day, and unified as "June 1 international children's day".China's central government in December 1949 announced: "June 1 international children's day" to replace "unevenness children's day", and the children have the day off.

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